Dr Amir Ahmed completed his PhD from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He completed his MSc in Biochemistry from the same university and attained an MBA as well. He also obtained advanced degree in Marketing and Communications from Australia. Dr Amir is currently employed as a Senior Research Associate in EnviroWater Sydney Pvt. Ltd. in Australia. In addition, he holds the position of Social Educator for people with intellectual disabilities in Sylvanvale Foundation, Australia. His prime focus in research is Agro-economics (specifically in the social implications of Genetically Modified Crops).
He has over seven years of teaching experience in leading private universities in Bangladesh including six years of research experience in various fields. His groundbreaking research contribution is based on the controversy over the issue of introducing Genetically Modified (GM) Crops in Bangladesh.
Dr. Amir has also developed his expertise in Water Economics and co-authored three book chapters with renowned researchers in the respective field. His research expertise also includes Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Higher Education, Consumer Behaviour and Quality Management. He has contributed to over 10 scholarly publications including book chapters and handbooks. He worked as a coordinator and FGD facilitator in a project for the Asian Development Bank on ‘PPP in Higher Education’, in association with University Grant Commission of Bangladesh. In the early stage of his career, he worked in two leading pharmaceuticals Roche and Novartis in the product development department.
Dr Amir was also the Head of Corporate Communications in a leading international IT company, Aptech Inc. for several years. He was the Chief Operating Officer of a project in ‘The Independent’ a concern of Beximco, a leading conglomerate in Bangladesh. Moreover, he has hands-on experience in developing training materials and facilitating training at international level on youth development and human capital management. Dr Amir has been exclusively trained in Australia for teaching students with special needs and intellectual disability. Besides his academic and research engagement, Dr Amir enjoys writing travel stories in newspapers and articles in IT magazines in Bangladesh. In the past, he was the anchor of a popular TV program “JOB VACANCY” in ATN Bangla.