Global Circle for Scientific, Technological and Management Research (GCSTMR) is an international network of academics and professionals. GCSTMR organises international and local conferences, seminars, workshops and other scholarly activities. GCSTMR is initiated and fully supported by Science, Technology and Management Crest Australia (ACN: 612085444). GCSTMR is also a registered body with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and is a legal entity.

Our Vision

To enhance scientific, technological, business and management knowledge and innovations for the betterment of society.

To build awareness towards achievement of sustainable environment.

To archive and disseminate knowledge using latest electronic technology.

To promote healthy and optimal life style at personal and societal level.

To apply knowledge towards changing the life of world's disadvantaged people.

To promote high morality and ethical standard in research and professional activities.

Our Activities

To run conferences, seminars and short courses around the globe.

To publish peer-reviewed journals.

To maintain websites containing conference proceedings, journal articles and other relevant materials.

To provide technical assistance to the disadvantaged people of the community.

To provide computer training on specialised software and programs.

To offer online courses on specialised fields.

To offer English course to improve verbal and written communication skills.

To provide professional editing services.

To provide interpretation services.

To award medals and certificates to recognize community leaders, scientists, teachers, students, political leaders and other distinguished personalities of the community.