Dr Islam
Rafiqul Islam is a mechanical engineer specializing in renewable energy technology with a Doctorate of Engineering degree in solar energy from AIT, Thailand.
Dr. Islam has 10 years of tertiary engineering teaching followed by 22 years of industry R&D experience in leading positions.
His engineering contributions involve researching and developing innovative and energy efficient heating, cooling and refrigeration products and processes. He authored more than 25 journal and conference articles in these areas. Establishing lasting sustainable living environment for all is his passion.
Dr. Islam is a member of AIRAH, IIR and ASHRAE for over a decade. He is serving as the ME008 standards committee and the technical work group (TWG) reviewing the GEMS regulation 2012 for commercial refrigerated products. He was also engaged with Annex 44 work group on supermarket energy analysis for International Energy Agency in 2016-2017.
He is sole inventor of 6 registered patents Dr. Islam is also principal consultant and director of the Solar-E-Technology International which successfully installed nearly 300kW of solar PV system in Australia.
Dr. Islam is motivated in social outcome of all technological advancement through research for a better life of people equitably. He is an active director of Islamic Cooperative Finance Australia for 10 years who developed a real market model of equitable partnership real-estate financing method.