Prof Mahmood
Mahmood Nagrial obtained his Ph.D. from University of Leeds, UK. He has extensive experience in Power Electronics and Drive Systems, Renewable Energy Systems. He has been Head, Electrical & Computer Engineering. He has also been Chair, School of Mechatronic, Computer & Electrical Engineering. He has also been responsible for initiating postgraduate courses and higher degree research programs in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering. He is Group Leader of Research Group “Renewable and Sustainable Electrical Systems” .He has conducted many short courses and keynote speaker at many International conferences. Dr Nagrial has been a leading researcher in the area of permanent magnet & variable reluctance machines & drive systems. He has supervised Ph.D., M. Phil. and M.Eng. (Hons) Research Theses and postdoctoral fellows in this general area. He has also worked as Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO, where he has been responsible for developing new devices using rare-earth magnets. Dr Nagrial is a Fellow of IET (UK) and IE (Aust) and Senior Member IEEE (USA). Dr Nagrial has acted as reviewer for grant applications, refereed papers for journals and International Conferences and examined many Ph.D. theses in his area of expertise.

Research Interests: Permanent magnets and their applications, Electrical Drives, Variable reluctance Drives, PM Machines & Drive Systems, Renewable Energy Sources, Power Electronics, EMC/EMI, Neuro-Fuzzy Control, Power Systems, Intelligent Control, Micro-Electromechanical Systems