1 st International Conference on Engineering Research and Practice, Dhaka, 2017

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Stress Concentration Factors in Circular Hollow Section T-joints with Concrete-Filled Chords
Arig Amer Al-Khamisi, Fidelis R. Mashiri, Idris Musa and Xinqun Zhu
Social Media and Crowd Sourcing to Evaluate and Compare Priorities and Preferences for Sustainable Transportation System
Md Asif Hasan Anik, Shafquat Kabir and Moinul Hossain
Advanced Agglomerative Clustering Technique for Phylogenetic Classification
Raihan Islam Arnob, Md. Redwan Karim Sony, M. A. Mottalib, Lipi Akter and Rafsanjany Kushol
Water Quality in Landsat OLI Images
N. Hussain, M. H. Islam, R. Khanam and M. Iqbal
Water Resources Management in Bangladesh: Past, Present and Future
A.H.M. Kausher
Failures of Steel Bridge Structures due to Cyclic Loading – A Review
Feleb N Matti and Fidelis R Mashiri
Influence of Chemical Admixtures on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Ready Mix Concrete
Tarek U Mohammed, Tanvir Ahmed, Tahir A Mallick, Farhan Shahriar and Abdul Munim
Utilization of Induction Furnace Slag in Concrete as Coarse Aggregate
Tarek U Mohammed, Munaz A Noor, Shibly Apurbo, Muntasir Ahmed, Arhab Elahi, Majedul Mazumder
Changes in Australian Rainfall Runoff and Its Implication for Estimating Design Rainfall
Muhammad Muhitur Rahman and Ataur Rahman
Epidemiological Issues of Hazardous Medical Waste Management from Private Healthcare Facilities- Case Study from Dhaka City of Bangladesh
Md Yousuf Rumi, Omar Sadab Chowdhury and Md. Rezaul Karim
New Competency Framework for Fresh Engineering Graduates in Bangladesh
Tahseen Zakaria and Ijaj Mahmud Chowdhury
Correlation Studies between Consolidation Properties and Some Index Properties for Dhaka-Chittagong Highway Soil
Md. Wasif Zaman, Md. Rezwan Hossain and Hossain Md. Shahin
Experimental Study of Cold-formed Steel Section for Wall Panel
Fares Al-Faily, Rohan Dutt, Olivia Mirza and Md Kamrul Hassan
Applicability of Kriging to Regional Flood Estimation Problem in Eastern Australia
Sabrina Ali, Ataur Rahman, Jose Salinas and Gunter Bloschl
Bearing Capacity Analysis of Piled Raft Foundation by Numerical Analysis Using Finite Element Method (FEM) for Dhaka-Chittagong Elevated Expressway
Tansir Zaman Asik, Mashuk Rahman and Hossain Md Shahin
Parametric Investigation of Cold-formed Steel Section for Wall Panel
Rohan Dutt, Fares Al Faily, Olivia Mirza and Md Kamrul Hassan
Queensland Flood in 2010-11: Will This Type of Flood Occur Soon?
S M Anwar Hossain, Muhammad Muhitur Rahman and Ataur Rahman
Application of ANN in Regional Flood Estimation: A Case Study for New South Wales, Australia
Sasan Kordrostami, Zaved Khan and Ataur Rahman
Interface Design, Emotions, and Multimedia Learning for TVET
Md. Abu Raihan
Recent Research on Fatigue of Tubular Joints
Fidelis R. Mashiri
Challenges in Cyber Security and Mitigating Strategies
Rafiqul Islam
Bioelectricity Generation through Microbial Fuel Cell: Opportunities and Challenges
M Azizul Moqsud
Development of Qatar Rainfall and Runoff, National Guidelines: Opportunities and Challenges
Abdullah Al Mamoon and Ataur Rahman
Bangladesh towards a Sustainable Flood Management and Resilience Future
Munaz Ahmed Noor
Identification of Virulent Genes of Cronobacter sp. Isolated from Foods
Asma Binte Afzal, Mahboob Hossain, Naiyyum Choudhury
Comparative Study on Rapid Chloride Migration Tests of Supplementary Cements
Syed J.U. Ahmed and Tanmoy Das
Appropriate Solar Energy Technology Applications in Developing Nations such as Bangladesh
Rafiqul Islam
Comparative Study of Different Materials under Fatigue Load at Different Test Conditions
Md. Arefin Kowser, Mohammad A. Chowdhury, Dinakar Das, Thahidul Islam and Ronjon Roy
The Influence of Highly-Available Theory on Robotics
Imtiaz Ahmed Shozib and Foysal Mahmud
Interactive, Probabilistic Methodologies for Robots
Imtiaz Ahmed Shozib and Foysal Mahmud
Immune Response to Shiga Toxin Producing Escherichia coli: Detection of Antibodies against Outer Membrane Proteins in Healthy Population Around Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Nahreen Mirza, Zeenat Jahan, Naiyyum Choudhury and Chowdhury Rafiqul Ahsan

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